Andrew van Baal is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker known for his work with critically-acclaimed artists and entertainers.

His concert film "Largo," co-directed with Mark Flanagan, features live performances from Fiona Apple, Zach Galifianakis, Andrew Bird, Louis CK and many others. It premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival and won the Golden Athena Award at the Athens International Film Festival.

His short films "The Good Life," starring Julian Sands, and "Wonder Valley," starring Tom Brosseau, premiered at the Palm Springs ShortFest and online via FILTER magazine.

He's also directed music videos for Eels and Mark Lanegan, tour footage for Sarah Silverman, and short documentaries on artists, including James Turrell and Joni Mitchell, for LACMA, The Hammer Museum and The New York Times.

He strives to create work that is cinematic, intimate and idiosyncratic regardless of genre or subject matter.

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